We're driven by a greater good

A multidisciplinary team, working together as one 

We collaborate as one team: we take pride in our values, our purpose, our mission, and how we come together to champion these through our work. 

Our 75+ team of designers, developers, strategists, and writers are passionate about improving the lives of our customers, colleagues, and communities using human-centred design to put people first.

Meet our team

Building digital products for all of Aotearoa

In October 2021 our founder and CEO Bron Thomson invited Emily Vaka’uta, our Chief Finance Officer, to join her as co-CEO. 

This new joint leadership model recognises the importance of designing and building digital products for all of Aotearoa. Shared, bicultural leadership is crucial in achieving that. 

Read about our two wāhine co-CEOs

Creating impact since 2002

In 2019 we became a B Corporation® (B Corp™) — which means our internal practices meet the highest social and environmental responsibility standards for companies. 

As an agency, we also believe working with values-aligned partnerships and clients is crucial for creating impact at scale. 

Our impact report shares stories of businesses we’ve collaborated with to create change in sustainability, educational equity, health and well-being, inclusive content and design, and digital accessibility.

Read our latest impact report

Supporting every stage of your business

We're a full-service digital agency which means we can support your business, both now and as your needs change over time. Our services include:

Seven Springloaders laughing and discussing a craft activity at a team day.
Five people sat around a whiteboard in a workshop.
Left: A group of Springloaders presenting their craft project at our annual team away day. Right: A customer journey mapping workshop.
Left: A group of Springloaders presenting their craft project at our annual team away day. Right: A customer journey mapping workshop.

What we believe

Our purpose

To create impact at scale.

Our mission

To use our digital superpowers for good by making the things that matter, better.

Green semi-circles that look like a flower

Our whakapuāwai strategy

For us, whakapuāwai means to cause to blossom, develop, flourish, thrive, regenerate.

An important part of our business strategy is regeneration. We want to leave the world better off than we found it. Our ongoing Whakapuāwai strategy speaks to our commitment to increase digital inclusion in Aotearoa and grow a community of diverse practitioners.

Our values

Blue decorative shapes

We’re open-minded

We’re always exploring and evolving. We’re curious, innovative, and ready to learn and adapt. We strive to be the best we can be.

Red decorative image.

We’re kind

Our relationships are built on respect, integrity, and trust. We have brave conversations and work to understand each other.

Purple decorative image

We’re pragmatic

We’re practical and down-to-earth. We use common sense and fit-for-purpose tools and technologies to get the job done.

Pink decorative image

We’re better together

We’re stronger and smarter as a team. We’re collaborative and inclusive. We listen, value, and support each other.

Green decorative image

We’re for people and planet

We act regeneratively by putting people and planet first. We care about social equity and the environment.

The origins of Te Pipītanga

In 2019, Springload was gifted a te reo Māori name by Ngaro Poa of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti te Rino, Ngāti Hine, Ngāti Kahu. 

Bron Thomson, our co-CEO and founder, is friends with Ngaro's daughter, Te Ropu Poa. Bron had asked Te Ropu Poa how to translate "Springload" into te reo Māori, and Te Ropu asked her mum Ngaro. A few days later, Bron received a call from Ngaro, and they talked about Springload and its story. After their kōrero, Ngaro arrived at a beautiful word that represents Springload: Te Pipītanga.

Ngaro described Te Pipītanga as a form of growth. She based the name on water, which starts off as a trickle and grows into a spring as it speeds up. It represents the growth of our ideas, business, and clients.

Ngaro gave her blessing and presented Springload with a weaving stone blessed in her river, inscribed with the Springload sprout and our new name.

Learn more about our Māori naming ceremony

The weaving stone gifted by Ngaro and blessed in her river, inscribed with the Springload sprout and new name.