My experience as a Springload intern

11 February 2019 • Rachel Bolt

Kia ora, I’m Rachel! My Summer of Tech internship at Springload recently ended, but I'm excited to be starting my new role as an experience designer. So I'd like to share what I learnt –and some tips – from my intern experience.

My summer at Springload

06 February 2019 • Zoe Richards

Hey! I’m Zoe. I've been working at Springload as a developer intern through the Summer of Tech programme. My internship comes to an end this week, so I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you.

Springload's purpose-led pivot

05 February 2019 • Bron Thomson

What’s leading us to focus our digital super powers on activating change for good. 

Kia ora, we’re Te Pipitanga

23 January 2019 • Thomas Sutherland

Springload has been blessed with a new te reo Māori name, Te Pipitanga.

Launching our DevOps toolchain

12 December 2018 • Eugene Dementiev • Richard McMillan

Building, hosting and maintaining multiple web applications on different technologies is a complex task. To help, we developed two open-source cloud automation tools – ssm-parent and ecs-tool.

Experience Week 2018: What went down

11 December 2018 • Sam Yates

Wellington's first Experience Week saw creatives flock to New Zealand's cultural capital in celebration of human-centred design. We break down the week's events, and look ahead to next year.

Moving Springload to the public cloud

03 December 2018 • Richard McMillan

Almost three years ago, we started migrating our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s part of our strategy to automate our development workflow wherever we can, and provide our clients with scalable, world-class services.

Meet Rachel and Zoe, our Summer of Tech interns

29 November 2018 • Thomas Sutherland

We're hosting two talented interns through the Summer of Tech (SoT) programme – design intern Rachel Bolt, and developer intern Zoe Richards. We talked about what drives them, their SoT experience, and why they chose Springload.

New Zealand needs to talk about AI

15 November 2018 • Andrew Smith

Stories about artificial intelligence are everywhere, right? It may seem like the machines are pushing their own AI propaganda, but really it’s part of a growing global conversation. And New Zealand needs to start playing a greater part.

Experience Week 2018

15 November 2018 • Sam Yates

Experience Week (26 November – 2 December) is an annual gathering of creative, innovative, and intelligent minds who use human-centred design principles to create impactful solutions.