Springload is a B Corp

18 February 2020 • Ella Price

What ‘B Corp’ means for a digital company and why it matters.

2019: A year of making things that matter, better

21 January 2020 • Ella Price

Creating people-driven digital experiences is at the heart of what we do; we often talk about using our digital superpowers to make the things that matter, better — but what did ‘better’ mean for us in 2019?

Four gifts that give back this Kirihimete (Christmas)

17 December 2019 • Ella Price

At Springload we’re not dreaming of a white Christmas — we’re championing a green one. This doesn’t mean we’re against giving, it means we’re rethinking how we go about it.

The people behind the awards

29 October 2019 • Thomas Sutherland

We create human-centred experiences for people — not for awards or shiny baubles. But when your peers acknowledge the value of your work, you can’t help but want to tell the world.

People of Springload: Kanhika Nikam

03 October 2019 • Kanhika Nikam

People of Springload is a blog series introducing you to the people behind our work. We asked Kanhika about her journey, some of the projects she’s worked on, and what excites her about what she does.

Springload joins the global climate strike

16 September 2019 • Robin Marshall

We’re joining the global climate strike on Friday 27 September, and we’re inviting you to join us in demanding action from our politicians on the climate crisis.

Springloaders kōrero about learning te reo Māori

12 September 2019 • Springloaders

Using a little te reo Māori in our everyday lives is one way we can all take part in Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. By giving it a go, we can encourage each other to learn more, and to help make Māori language welcome at work and in our communities.

Celebrating people doing awesome mahi

10 September 2019 • Rachel Bolt

It’s Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. To celebrate, we’d like to show our appreciation for some of the people that inspire us, share some ways we’re learning te reo Māori, and how you can help in its revitalisation too.

Learning to take diversity and inclusion one step at a time

26 August 2019 • Alexa Patterson

Embedding diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace isn’t a straight line from A to B — it’s a winding path, taken step by step.

Q&A with leadership coach Lara Hogan

14 July 2019 • Sam Yates

Lara Hogan dropped by the Springload studio for a Q&A session during Webstock 2019. We questioned her on acknowledging failure, revitalising stale meetings, and maintaining culture in a growing organisation.