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Exploring static isomorphism

16 March 2017

Why we’re migrating unit tests to Jest (and why you should too)

Vincent Audebert, 23 February 2017

At Springload, we’re in love with using React to create rich experiences. One of the challenges React solves is making unit tests relevant for user interfaces. Recently, we decided to migrate our tests to Jest (a testing framework also created by Facebook) to leverage ...

Solidarity and self-care in dangerous times

03 February 2017

At our client Christmas party last year, Bron gave an impassioned speech about, well, how craptastic 2016 had been, from a political, environmental, and global POV. We all laughed at the time, drinks clinking, expletives flying, because we thought surely 2017 would be better.

Awesome Wagtail

Thibaud Colas, 02 February 2017

A few months ago I attended a Wagtail development sprint, hosted by team Lukkien in the Netherlands. This made me realise the breadth of jobs Wagtail is used for, some very different from what we do with it here at Springload. It prompted me to ...

We held Wellington’s first Django Girls workshop and it was awesome

Sam Sanders, 16 January 2017

With the increasing focus on getting women into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lately, it was only natural that Springload get involved to leverage our expertise as a Django shop and help further the aims of the Django Girls Foundation.

Django Girls workshop in NZ - for the first time!

Clare Everett, 16 November 2016

Springload were proud to be hosting the first ever New Zealand Django Girls workshop. Its goal to empower and help women enter the world of technology

Killing it at the 2016 Best Awards

Alan Doak, 19 October 2016

Springload picked up two silvers at the 2016 Best Awards for the Festival website and for Flagpost.

A company with a conscience

Clare Everett, 07 October 2016

Springload has a number of socially conscious efforts. We aim to be the best company we can be by being aware of the impact of our actions beyond the office.

Springload and carbon offsetting

Clare Everett, 22 September 2016

We’ve been offsetting our carbon emissions for eight years now. We do it because we don’t want the work that we do to negatively impact the environment.

Being pragmatic about accessibility

Sam Sanders, 06 July 2016

We want our work to be accessible and usable for everyone so we put together a list of principles on accessibility tasks that should be carried out on any project