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Size matters: why we care about responsive design

30 April 2015

Recently Google blogged that it would be changing its search algorithms to give mobile-friendliness more importance in search rankings. Check out which major New Zealand sites failed the mobile friendliness test.

Made with Wagtail - a hackathon

23 April 2015

The idea of building a website to showcase projects built with Wagtail has been an idea I’ve had ever since Springload started using it as their preferred CMS. We knew the Torchbox guys had a long list of published sites using Wagtail but this ...

OS/OS Conference - On the Fence

Alan Doak, 21 April 2015

We've had a lot of good news about On the Fence lately. We're an honoree in the 2015 Webbys, and we're hoping to win some funding via the Knight Foundation to make it part of the 2016 USA elections.

We're a nominee in the 2015 Webby Awards!

Alan Doak, 09 April 2015

Springload has been selected as one of only five nominees in the Interactive Political Blogs and Websites category of the 2015 Webby Awards

Introducing Wagtail

Richard McMillan, 26 February 2015

Lately we have spent a lot of time working with Wagtail, a really cool CMS built on top of the well-known Django framework. It was love at first sight

Finding decent project management software

Carl Steward, 12 January 2015

I embarked on a year-long mission to find better project management software for Springload. Here are a few notes from the journey.

Home Hunter's successful swoop

19 December 2014

Home Hunter is essentially a property search tool on steroids, bringing together the various threads of home buying – from looking at open homes to applying for pre-approval on a bank loan – into an app that makes the whole lot experience less angsty. Enjoyable, even.

Branding in the digital age

Adam Cansino, 18 October 2014

Brand Lead Adam Cansino shares his thoughts on the shift in traditional brand engagement as it relates to ‘digital first’.

We’re the BEST!

Alan Doak, 17 October 2014

Springload wins big at the 2014 Best Awards.

Useful products vs. pretty campaigns

18 September 2014

How digital design thinking can help fight against banner blindness.