Website redesign 101: The importance of an effective content strategy

20 September 2017 • Thomas Sutherland - Intern

Redesigning your website should be more than just refreshing the homepage. Use the opportunity to develop a content strategy to help your readers quickly find what they are looking for and drive new users to your website.

Exploring uncharted datasets

15 May 2017 • Thibaud Colas

I’m a self-diagnosed data nerd. For me, there’s nothing like trying to make sense of a phenomenon by looking at data, exploring an uncharted dataset to uncover insights.

Why we’re migrating unit tests to Jest (and why you should too)

23 February 2017 • Vincent Audebert

At Springload, we’re in love with using React to create rich experiences. 

We held Wellington’s first Django Girls workshop and it was awesome

16 January 2017 • Sam Sanders

With the increasing focus on getting women into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lately, it was only natural that Springload get involved to leverage our expertise as a Django shop and help further the aims of the Django Girls Foundation.

Being pragmatic about accessibility

06 July 2016 • Sam Sanders

We want our work to be accessible and usable for everyone so we put together a list of principles on accessibility tasks that should be carried out on any project.

An introduction to Pattern Libraries

08 April 2016

Pattern libraries are integral to the way we develop our websites like Kiwibank, NZTA and NZ Red Cross. It is a reference for designers and developers alike.