B Corps are for-profit corporations that use their business as a force for good. Every July, businesses from Australia and New Zealand celebrate B Corp month, and this year we teamed up with Method Recycling, Dignity, Redvespa, Sharesies, CoGo, and Carbon South to share with you how we do better business, for a better world.

On Thursday, 23rd July, Kelly, our Studio and Events Manager, hosted a series of talks with the Wellington B Corp community online. Now you can re-watch these talks and learn how to:

  • balance purpose and profit
  • create a culture of sustainability in your team
  • track and offset your carbon emissions.

How to balance purpose and profit

Wellington B Corps share their stories and discuss what purpose means for them. This session ends with a discussion around balancing purpose and profit and how you can create purpose in your own business. 


  • Miranda Hitchings, Co-founder, Dignity

  • Laura Caccioppoli, Business for Good Champion, Redvespa

  • Lee Bright, Marketing Manager, Method Recycling

  • Robin Marshall, Head of Innovation and Impact, Springload

  • Brooke Roberts, Co-founder and CEO, Sharesies

Access the purpose and profit audio and interactive transcript via Otter.ai.

Creating a culture of sustainability in your team

Alice, our Assistant to the CEO and Studio, talks about sustainable practices you can action in and out of the office, plus tips for creating a culture of sustainability within your team.

Access the creating a culture of sustainability audio and interactive transcript via Otter.ai.

Tracking and offsetting your carbon emissions

We’ve been tracking and offsetting our carbon emissions for over ten years. Tune in to hear Clare, our People Experience Manager, share the carbon tracking systems we have in place. Clare is joined by Bruce from Carbon South, who calculates our carbon emissions every year and finds a project to offset those emissions with.

Access the tracking and offsetting carbon emissions audio and transcript via Otter.ai.

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