Webby Awards honoree

Big deal alert: we’re Honorees in the 21st Annual Webby Awards

Ines Almeida & Nathan Brown, 05 April 2017

Klim Type Foundry was started in 2005 by type designer Kris Sowersby. Klim sells its typefaces directly through klim.co.nz and is based in Wellington, New Zealand. We built Klim’s website to be used as a platform to showcase and distribute his retail and custom fonts. Kris is one of New Zealand’s success stories. He’s created fonts for companies like PayPal, Tourism New Zealand and The Financial Times, to name but a few.

We’ve been working with Kris since we first built his site in 2011 and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re honorees in the Webbys under Websites - Technical Achievement category.

Wait, what does it mean to be an honoree?

We’re so glad you asked.

It means that our work ranks in the top 17% of all work entered from around the world, as judged by the Academy. Honorees are a new thing for the Webby Awards. They received an exceptional quality of submissions so they felt like they had to acknowledge outstanding entries as Official Honorees alongside Nominees.

This year, they received 13,000 entries from over 70 countries. Nope, we didn’t win a shiny thing like we did for our Festival website back in 2006, but as an Honoree, we still think this achievement is worth celebrating.

Damn fine work

Klim is a deceptively simple website. The straight-up user experience lets each typeface introduce itself, and for users to learn about font features through exploration. This UX has precedence over technical difficulty which has resulted in really elegant solutions. The codebase leans on sensible, mature technologies making it maintainable for the future.

Yeah, we’re biased - the website is amazing, but the best part is the way in which fonts are presented. Unlike other type websites, with Klim you have the ability to switch between font typefaces actively, changing the size, modifier, and line spacing as you go, without having to refresh. It was the first of its kind to have font interactivity this advanced, giving it an instant competitive advantage.

And it’s one of our finest achievements.

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