Django Girls workshop in NZ - for the first time!

Clare Everett, 16 November 2016

Laura Bunea, Sam Sanders, Claire Campbell, and Katie Day - Springload front-end developers

On December 9th and 10th Springload are super stoked and proud to be hosting the first ever New Zealand Django Girls Wellington workshop. Django Girls is a young non-profit organisation that started back in 2014. Its goal is to empower and help women enter the world of technology.

We had an incredible number of women apply for the workshop – 70 women applied for 25 places! Sadly we couldn’t take them all - space is limited - so stay tuned for an announcement of another workshop in 2017.

Why are we doing this?

Nearly half of the 33 strong Springload team are women, and we have a female CEO, so the Django Girls initiative is something that we are very keen to support and encourage. A diverse workplace is really important.

Three of our front-end developers, Claire, Katie and Sam, have been leading the charge with the Django Girls Wellington website, as well as the selection of attendees, and in finding coaches (both male and female).

Our technology

Our preferred CMS, Wagtail, runs on the Django framework, so this is, in part, a cunning plan to ensure there are proficient developers available in the future – plus having more women in tech can only be a good thing. Just as important though, Django is open-source and we were keen to contribute to the community.

What’s next?

Applications have now closed and the team will be selecting the attendees based on criteria established by Django Girls. We couldn’t take them all but we’re keen to run another workshop early in 2017.

We still have some places available for coaches. Right now we’re split 50/50 between women and men. It’d be great to see more women get in touch to help out on the day. Email us on

Lastly we’d love to say a big thanks to Kiwibank, GitHub and Touchtech for supporting this workshop. Their assistance has helped us to provide T-shirts and bags of swag on the day!