What is it?

In partnership with Creative HQ and wheretofromhere?, we’re curating a series of events over the course of a week. Experience Week will be structured as a series of workshops, design sprints, new approaches, and collaborative problem solving.

Who'll be there?

Industry leaders and influencers will be showcasing their knowledge, application of best practise, and unique ideas around human-centred design. On board with some exciting events so far are Akina Foundation, Anticipate, Maven Consulting, We Create Futures – as well as Springload, Creative HQ, and wheretofromhere? putting on a number of our own.

What's the purpose?

The underlying focus for Experience Week is human-centred design – a concept Springload lives and breathes. Through inspiring events, experiential learning, and immersive workshops, we want Experience Week to serve as a way of empowering organisations and individuals to discover smarter ways of executing their design approach.

The interactive and action-oriented nature of the events provides great opportunities for attendees and contributors. Those with an interest or involvement in experience design can connect, discuss, debate, and learn from one another – creating awareness, and generating a higher standard across a variety of industries.

Events from Springload

Human-centred design sprint – 26–30 November

To kick off product development, we’ll conduct a five day intensive human-centred design sprint. Showcased at the end of Experience Week, we’ll aim to research, prototype and test a specific business problem. This proven methodology helps form the foundation of a truly innovative solution, guided by your users’ needs and motivations.

Time: 09:00 (26 Nov) - 17:30 (30 Nov)

Location: Springload | Level 6 / 7 Dixon Street

Attendance: Private / Paid

Customer journey mapping – 26 November

Do you have a complex digital experience you are trying to solve? For example, do people interact with different devices across a long period of time?

Within the four hour workshop, you will learn what journey mapping is and we will create a low fidelity customer journey map together.

Time: 15:30 - 19:30

Location: Springload | Level 6 / 7 Dixon Street

Attendance: Public / Paid

Designing emerging technologies while keeping customers at the heart – 29 November

Lauren Skogstad and Matt Bilson will hold an interactive talk on how to tackle emerging technologies with a human-centred approach.

People are inspired by new innovations from chatbots to artificial intelligence – but how do we design for these technologies while keeping customers at the heart?

Time: 15:30 - 17:30

Location: Springload | Level 6 / 7 Dixon Street

Attendance: Public / Free

Intro to human-centred design – 29 November

Human-centred design, user experience, experience design, UX, UI, ExD – there are many terms for it, but what exactly is human-centred design? And why does it matter?

Sign up for our two hour workshop where you will learn the basics of human-centred design. In this session, we will create a prototype and test with our fellow attendees.

Time: 15:30 - 17:30

Location: Springload | Level 6 / 7 Dixon Street

Attendance: Public / Paid

Come see what it’s about

Check out the rest of the events on the Experience Week website, and hit ‘Find Out More’ to reserve a space. If you’re keen on getting involved in these events, get in touch.

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