Unlock your potential and Grow with our free coding workshops for women. 

So many women out there have never been given the opportunity to discover their inner kickass developer, and we think that’s a tragedy! Grow is here to provide a safe space to tinker around with the basics of web development. Get a feel for it, see if you like it or not. Maybe even make a career out of it. Or walk away vowing never to touch code again — that’s totally okay too. 

Our first Grow workshop, an introduction to the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, is on 20 March 2019. Spaces will get snapped up, so apply quick to get a spot! 

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Introduction to the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

6pm, 20 March 2019 | Wellington

The workshop will cover a taster of each language. You’ll come away with a project you can keep working on after the workshop to fine-tune your coding skills. 

You just need your laptop, no specialist software or programs. There’ll be food and drink to keep you fuelled and focussed. Be ready to learn, chat and make some new friends!

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Apply for Introduction to the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

We’ll let you know if you’ve secured a space on the workshop by 13 March.

About Grow

We want to introduce women who have never coded before, or who have very little experience in coding, to the opportunities a career in tech can bring. And, we want women to feel the same sense of fun and enjoyment from coding that we do.

More women in tech means better products — products that reflect the needs of our evolving world. It also means a more supportive working environment, full of people with different perspectives. But we can’t sit around waiting for a more diverse community to appear. We need to take a stand and make it happen. 

Grow is led by a group of all-women developers at Springload, who love tech and coding, and who want to make the tech sector a more diverse and interesting place. 

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Grow workshops

Grow is a series of workshops teaching the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in a fun and practical way. These workshops are inclusive, welcoming and safe for all. They are free, quarterly, and volunteer-run by Springloaders.

We will prioritise attendees who identify as women and non-binary, although men are welcome to apply. We value the participation of each member of our community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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