He Māori ahau, he Māori tonu ahau, he Māori ahau mō ake tonu atu.

I am Māori, I am still Māori, I will forever be Māori.

Despite what is popular or trending, I am still Māori.

Despite proposed bill changes to redefine the Treaty Principles, I am still Māori.

Despite heightened race relations in Aotearoa right now, I am still Māori and my culture and identity will always have inherent mana.

That statement may be obvious, but I need to know that the world has not gone completely insane, and perspectives haven’t shifted where it matters.

I’m grateful to work at an organisation that actively honours Te Tiriti, even if the current government is not doing so. To purposefully undermine te reo Māori, for example, is a shameful injustice and a dishonour to my ancestors, my descendants and myself. It is at times like this when our actions and fortitude to hold steadfast to our values is most important.

It is to everyone's advantage in this country that we help te ao Māori to flourish.

At Springload Te Pipītanga we understand we have a privileged opportunity to be part of the shaping of technology and digital innovation in Aotearoa. As such, we acknowledge our responsibility in contributing to an industry that celebrates and respects tangata whenua. We believe that incorporating te ao Māori into our work, practices and projects fundamentally enriches everything we do. It is to everyone's advantage in this country that we help te ao Māori to flourish. It is what makes us inherently unique and is not only the right thing to do, but sets us apart from anywhere else in the world. It is a privilege and an honour to have mātauranga Māori shared with us all.

We will continue on our mission to improve Māori representation in the tech sector and actively engage and collaborate with experts to strengthen our understanding of all aspects of te ao Māori, reo, tikanga, mātauranga and its relevance to our work in the tech industry.

It is a cliché to say that we are ‘on the journey’ with our te ao Māori mission, and we are definitely not perfect and have made mistakes along the way. What is important is the intention, the honest desire to make space and hold space for kaupapa Māori, and that this kaupapa is given even more focus and impetus during this time of flux. What’s also important is not just to allow time and space but also pūtea (finances) to ensure these ‘good intentions’ are followed through with action and outcomes.

He Māori ahau, surrounded by allies, tangata tiriti and tangata whenua, committed to making a difference in our corner of the world.

Toitū Te Tiriti.

Honour the treaty.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui ✊🏼


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