Keeping tradition

Alan Doak, 22 May 2015

Jazz Festival posters designed by Springload

Every year Springload updates the Wellington Jazz Festival website, and this year we also had the opportunity to work on their offline brand collateral. Given that this is relatively new ground for us, we were excited to apply our brand brains to the blurred line between digital and print.

Joe Garlick, the Springload designer who took up the task, explains: “We all loved last year’s brand, so we discussed how we could evolve – rather than overhaul – what was such a unique and effective brand. This year the acts had more of a wider appeal, so the brand was updated to reflect a more mature audience demographic. We looked to everybody's favourite canonical jazz graphic style: 1960s Blue Note records. We muted the electric psychedelic colours to more of the Blue Note palette. The colour-on-colour half-tone image treatment was updated to a black-on-colour approach. One of the nicest things about ‘60s Blue Note is the staggered type treatments which we applied to last year’s 45º angled grid.”

“Brent Neave, our design director, had a great idea to use the angles across poster to poster so they all interlock. They look great plastered on walls around the city. What with the brand evolution, the website, street posters, programme, and ad templates – it’s a pretty integrated campaign!”