Kelly’s divine Springload lunches

Bron Thomson, 17 February 2016

Queuing up for lunch with the team

A couple of years ago, when we were hiring a new studio assistant, I made a quick last minute decision to add an additional wildcard request onto the end of the job ad. I added that the candidate would ‘ideally feel comfortable cooking lunches on a regular basis for our team of 25+ people’. "What have we got to lose?" I thought.

Turns out it was one of my most GENIUS decisions ever. At the interview we asked Kelly what her first meal would be and she replied 'pulled pork'. That pretty much got her hired on the spot!

As soon as we moved into our new office with our brand new kitchen, Kelly has been cooking up her magic for us every Wednesday lunchtime. It’s everyone’s favourite day of the week!

We’ve been collecting her recipes because honestly, they are out of this world. If you’re ever visiting, try and time it for midday Wednesday and you can join in the feast with us. Otherwise, maybe you can try and recreate the recipes yourself :-)

The team enjoying one of Kelly's delicious lunches