Killing it at the 2016 Best Awards

Alan Doak, 19 October 2016

NZ Festival website 2016

NZ Festival - Silver - Large websites

We’ve been working with the festival for ten years, each year improving functionality and features.

For 2016 we built a responsive site and brand platform. The aim was to help them evolve their brand, launch an individual-giving platform, and reach a wider audience beyond the traditional arts crowd.

The results:

  • an extremely coherent and consistent campaign that cemented itself in people’s minds;

  • complex, variable event info presented so that it’s easy to browse and buy tickets;

  • collections with rich imagery, quotes and reviews.

We guided the Festival team through an internal brand process, giving their organisation a sense of what made them them, what role their work played in people’s lives and an understanding of where they fitted in the marketplace. We helped their team investigate and understand their brand values, steered the digital side of the campaign, and built a punchy, content-focused site to sell the shows.

We customised their CMS on Wagtail, improving the admin experience and giving the Festival team a wide range of tools, particularly for events – including ordering and size to promote certain shows at certain times.


Flagpost - Silver - Public Good

Our second silver award was for our development work on The entry was submitted by Thomas Le Bas, then a student at Massey University’s Design + Democracy Project.

Flagpost offered Kiwis a place to reimagine the New Zealand flag, on their own terms, with their own voice. It helped find out what New Zealanders value and how that is best represented. The interactive tool allows a user to explore the flag submissions, and to participate in the process of finding the best flag.

This is the second of three initiatives we have collaborated with Massey on. The first was On the Fence, a tool to get people engaged and voting in the general election. More recently we completed the Vote Local project, another voting tool aimed at fostering interest in local body mayoral elections.

We’re just so thrilled to win these awards because it means that people truly see the value in the work we produce. See you at next year’s awards!

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