Made with Wagtail - a hackathon

23 April 2015

"Ah Wagtail… How can I increase it's popularity and help spread the word?"

The idea of building a website to showcase projects built with Wagtail has been an idea I've had ever since Springload started using it as their preferred CMS. We knew the Torchbox guys had a long list of published sites using Wagtail but this great CMS deserved something better.

Building a website like this is too much for one dev. Why not bring some of my talented Springload colleagues on board? That way the website could be done in a much shorter period of time and would look much better (believe me, you don't want a dev designing your site :)). I suggested to the team that we have a weekend hackathon!

A couple of weeks later, we found ourselves on a Saturday morning at Springload's roof-house ready to make this happen. Made with Wagtail was born.

The team came up with a long list of desired features and functionalities but we had to keep our feet on the ground to ensure everything could be done in one day. The site would initially ship with these features:

  • List of websites made with Wagtail
  • List of companies using or developing with Wagtail
  • Submission of new sites through a form, open to anyone
  • Automated high-resolution screenshots for newly submitted sites
  • Free-text search
  • Tags
  • Easy social-media sharing

We spent the whole day coding, designing and eating Indian curry. It was a tiring but fun day! Our first hackathon was a success.

The devs having fun

At the end of that first day almost everything was complete. We've spent the last couple of days polishing and crafting the content. We're happy to announce that five days after the hackathon, the site is up and running. Say hi to Made with Wagtail :)

If you're in any doubt about the benefits of Wagtail then read this nice introduction. If you'd like to have a chat about Wagtail or Made with Wagtail, please get in touch.