New Springload studio fitout

Zak Brown, 10 July 2015

Photo by Paul McCredie

After Hope Gibbons building underwent earthquake strengthening it gave us an opportunity to create an interior that not only reflected award-winning web design but also enhanced the way we do it.

Our new space needed to: Express the vibe and personality of Springload; support lean, iterative, collaborative ways of working; provide a palette of work and ‘play’ spaces and of course make our team feel great. The design concept fell out of this, a ‘modern take on the kiwi bach’. A place where we would all want to go and hang out.

We wanted clients to be able to treat the space as if it was an extension of their own office. The space needed to facilitate this transparent way of working. Our design incorporated a central open plan ‘hub’ with a smorgasbord of unique spaces around the periphery.

Photo by Paul McCredie

Each space has its own different feel and purpose. The spaces include:

  • three small 1-2 person soundproofed pods
  • a soft furnished meeting room
  • a more formal boardroom
  • a large kitchen/dining space for group meetings, presentations and shared lunches
  • two small meeting and user testing rooms
  • a partially enclosed, raised stage with whiteboard space and a lot of sun – for open meetings
  • a rumpus room that can double as a project or meeting room if needed

For dedicated project work, we designed two adjacent project rooms where five people (client included) can work together. Teams can cover the walls with whiteboard scrawlings, post-its and other documentation, and are able to “walk in and work” without feeling disconnected from the main space. A lightweight internal wall between the two rooms can be removed if the project needs to be scaled up.

Photo by Paul McCredie

So far the new office space has been hugely successful. Collaboration internally and with clients is smoother, all the spaces are continually in use, and clients have even started using the space for their own internal meetings.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of (and who wouldn’t!), please get in touch.

Here are a few more snaps of the space!

The large kitchen/dining space for group meetings, presentations and shared lunches - Photo by Paul McCredie

Then open plan welcome area - Photo by Paul McCredie

One of our soft furnished meeting rooms and the stage meeting space - Photo by Paul McCredie

The main studio space - Photo by Paul McCredie

The stage area meeting and working space - Photo by Paul McCredie

The boardroom - Photo by Paul McCredie