Our NZ music playlist shines a light on fresh local talent – as well as a few classics we just can't let go of. The only rule for creating this list: one track each. But some couldn’t stick to just one (rulebreakers!). 

Meet our NZ-music fans

Joe holding a Beck album

Joe Garlick

I collect vinyl on a weekly basis. Then I play it out on Wellington’s favourite local station, Radio Active FM

Here are some of my favourite Kiwi tracks, but tune into the Late Late Breakfast Show on Saturday afternoon for an extra taste of what I’m buying.

Joe selected: 

  • Aldous Harding - Designer
  • Chaos In The CBD - Orange Blank
  • Julien Dyne - Design
  • Alexa Casino - Secret Places
  • Micronism - Steps To Recovery
  • Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
  • Bachelorette - On The Four
Mitch Ryan

Mitch Ryan

I build and play guitars and play in a band with my dad and brother. I go to a bucketload of gigs; at least one a week, on average. 

I have pretty eclectic tastes day to day. But my all-time faves tend to be dark, guitar-driven indie and rock albums. 

Mitch selected:

  • Ha The Unclear - Where were You When I Was All You Needed
  • The Beths - You Wouldn’t Like Me
  • Hans Pucket - Comfort
  • BEING. - Count Me In
  • Anthonie Tonnon - Two Free Hands

Lucy McMaster

Lucy McMaster

I played cello when I was younger, and a bit of guitar. I've spent a lot of money in the past couple of years going to see international artists, but I'm also trying to go to more local gigs ‘cos #supportyourlocal. 

I don't have a favourite genre of music, but at the moment I’m loving anything hip-hop or RnB. 

Lucy selected:

  • Broods - Peach
  • JessB - Set It Off 
  • Mako Road - Local Safari
  • MELDOWNZ - $on Of A Queen

John Anderson

John Anderson

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, and I’m currently enjoying learning the guitar. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen all the songs on my list live over the years. A particularly golden memory was seeing Don McGlashan play Rain (with words by Hone Tuwhare) on a euphonium. It was beautiful. 

John selected:

  • Shihad - Home Again
  • Trinity Roots - Home, Land, And Sea
  • Don McGlashan - Rain
  • The Muttonbirds - Anchor Me

Sam Yates

Sam Yates

If it’s underground and electronic I’m probably either into it or at least have some opinions about it. I like to share my tastes through DJing regularly. 

We’re lucky to have a great electronic music scene in NZ and Wellington – here’s a few recent (and some classic) cuts:

  • The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh
  • k2k - We Down For
  • Need For Mirrors - Hamon
  • Totems - Hen To Pan

Kanhika Nikam

Kanhika Nikam

I probably listen to the most weird amalgamation of music. My playlists feature Morning Ragas by Pandit Ravi Shankar, songs from Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol, Bonobo, the rising Mumbai Gully Rap hip-hop scene, and revival Cuban music.

Ria Hall has an incredible voice and is a total badass boss lady I find inspiring. I first heard her play at Te Papa, and it changed the way I look at contemporary Kiwi music. I experienced Te Reo like never before. I heard heart-rending yet powerful stories about culture, freedom, nationality, and identity in the form of song and music in the most spiritual space of the Te Marae. I left the show with a different lens on the land of New Zealand!

Kanhika selected: 

  • Ria Hall - Te Pou O Te Tangata
  • Ria Hall - Tell Me
  • Ria Hall - Prisoner

Supporting the music makers

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