Understandably sustainability isn’t a priority for a lot of people right now, but if you’re feeling frustrated about your recycling stacking up or annoyed at not being able to refill your own containers, we've put together eco-friendly tips and swaps you can do whilst working from home. 

Be sustainable and save money

There are some really easy things you can do at home to improve your sustainability practises and save money.

Reuse > recycle

Most of us don’t have enough space to store all our recycling while the council pickups are on hold. Try to send less to landfill by reusing and reducing where possible. 

  • Get dried goods delivered in paper bags to your door with GoodFor.
  • Instead of buying tins of beans and lentils, try buying dried ones.
  • Switch to bars of soap and shampoo instead of bottles. 
  • Buy cans of beer from local breweries as they take up far less space than glass bottles (a little bird told us Garage Project are delivering!)
  • Turn fresh fruit and vegetable into frozen by boiling until slightly soft and freeze in old plastic bags or boxes — this saves buying frozen veg in plastic bags and is a good use of fresh produce.
  • Check with your favourite refillery — do they need glass jars to deliver dried goods?

Support independent businesses

By choosing smaller, local organisations your money will stay in your community and help create diverse growth and opportunities.

  • Get in touch with restaurants directly to find out what they’re offering.
  • Check out the Pandemic Pack who are partnering with NoCar Cargo to offer local delivery. 
  • Order from DeliverEasy, a NZ owned delivery service that offers better rates to small businesses.
  • Support your local businesses by buying vouchers through SOS Business.
  • Browse menus and arrange contactless pickup through Eat Local NZ.
  • Get inspiration of where to order on Delivereat, a comprehensive list of independent Kiwi businesses.

Shop mindfully

It can be really hard to know where to start with shopping ethically, but there are some easy things to look out for:

Help others

It’s easy to feel powerless in times of uncertainty and we should all be looking after ourselves and our whānau first and foremost. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the current situation and want to help people, here are a few ideas:

  • Eat My Lunch are still operating under lockdown. They give lunch to a kiwi kid in need for every lunch you buy, but also offer a ‘give two’ service where you can donate both meals.

  • The Women’s Refuge have made it really simple for you to gift a Safe Night to someone in need.

  • Every May, Kaibosh ask people to get together with their friends, share kai and raise money. This year they’re asking people simply to donate the value of a meal out to help feed people in need.

Look after yourself

The most important thing to remember during lockdown is to go easy on yourself, stay safe, and be kind. 

Arohanui from all of us at Springload. 

This article is included in Twinkl's Eco-Friendly and Sustainability campaign, and is part of their article Some great ideas to be more sustainable in 2021

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