We’re excited to announce that we recently became a Select tier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner.

We’ve been using AWS in production since 2013, and this official partnership solidifies our position as an experienced AWS user and infrastructure implementer.

Confidence in our consultancy offering

Our qualified staff have years of operational and consultancy experience, especially migrating and building public cloud-based workloads. We can: 

  • analyse your accounts and cloud setup to find optimisation opportunities 
  • help you migrate your workload to the public cloud
  • advise your organisation on how best to use public cloud resources. 

Our consultancy services are backed by a 30-strong technical team, with the ability to offer deep insights from a development, DevOps or infrastructure perspective. And we'll continue to further our qualifications and improve upon our operational practices.

What it takes to qualify

To qualify as Select tier partners, we needed a number of qualified technical and business people on our team. Currently we have eight specialists – with more on the way. They include: 

  • one Professional level
  • six Associate level
  • one Foundational level

These qualifications mean you can be confident that we apply best practice to our work while getting the best value possible from AWS.

Next up: Advanced tier

We’re aiming for further Professional level qualifications and to move to the Advanced tier before the end of the year. Watch this space!

Migrate to AWS with us

See the benefits of a low cost, flexible, and scalable native cloud solution for yourself. 

Talk to us today about migrating your infrastructure to AWS, or read more about what we offer.

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