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03 August 2015

Inside Obama’s Stealth Startup

Fast Company

When healthcare.gov failed miserably Obama brought in a new team of techies and designers to re-build the failed site which was, for him, key policy. It was slowly rebuilt much cheaper using more efficient processes and has since proven a success. It’s a great story about how modern agile practises and design thinking can solve big complicated problems. 

Obama's geeks - Fast Company

What is Code?


Paul Ford gives a great introduction to code – what it is and how it works. It’s a long read, but it’s a great all-round primer for anyone working, even vaguely, with code, computer or designed systems.

What is Code? - Bloomberg

Blogging Site Medium Rolls Out Password-Free Email Logins

Tech Crunch

Password-free logins? You bet. Medium, the Twitter-owned blogging platform is introducing an email-based login system therefore bypassing the need for pesky need for passwords. Is the future password free and more secure?

How Xero tackles technical debt

Xero blog

What is technical debt? It’s essentially old code. Websites and apps are a little like cars – they need periodic servicing to ensure that they are running optimally. It’s simply the nature of the internet that as things evolve, stuff can break. Like all infrastructure, both in the real world and in the digital, it requires maintenance. This is how Xero manages it.

Wagtail 1.0

Wagtail blog

Torchbox’s Wagtail — the new CMS Springload have decided to use on future projects is now officially out of beta and in full-version use. Torchbox blog about it’s build, development and application. Springload will be contributing to its development.

What's Really Warming The World?


Part of Bloomberg’s excellent Graphics series of interactive infographics. Beautifully presented and engaging charts about the environmentally factors behind climate change.

What's Really Warming the World? - Bloomberg Graphics

MAGNETIC: Paper That Sticks to Walls


Yes, exactly – paper that sticks to walls! Bye bye Post-Its, hello Magnetic. These arrived at the Springload office to much fanfare last week, can’t wait to get sticking and peeling, but first we’ll have to use up the left-over Post-Its.

The Debate Rages

Flagtest and Flagpost

I designed a flag called 'Today' (might as well get involved even if there are issues around the process). And our own Josh has worked again with Massey on Flagpost.nz too. Here is my design flying in a raging southerly :-)

'Today' flying on Flagtest - Flagtest

360˚ Videos


Streetview-like technology is enabling 360 degree videos. Just click and drag to move the viewpoint for these videos. Amazing.

Check back soon for more of what’s been inspiring us.