Mostly, we want nice, smart, genuine types who play well with others. People like you. Deep thinkers who care about what they do, speak their minds and have empathy for others.

Working at Springload

We spend a lot of time, energy and love looking after our team. We cater for all dietary requirements when Kelly cooks our team lunches and our fridge is well-stocked with both the healthy stuff and a little not-so-healthy-stuff too (chocolate anyone?). Of course there’s the fresh coffee, Kombucha and Garage Project beer too. Mostly, Springload is a place where talented people make cool stuff and create custom Slack emojis (yes, we're talking about you Joe).

Still, there are a few things you should know.

We’re inclusive

Let’s acknowledge this simple fact: we’re all different. That’s a good thing and something Springload embraces because we also know deep down we’re all the same. Which is why a diverse workplace matters to us. Not because it’s good for business, but because it’s the right thing to do. And good for business.

We give back

We run meetups on everything from Content Strategy, UX, and React to Wagtail and Ansible. We sponsor Django Girls and Webstock, and volunteer our time with charitable organisations such as Ronald McDonald House and social enterprises like Collaborate. You also get flexible working options, and opportunities for professional and personal development.

We want you to feel at home

We don’t expect you to spend your life at Springload. But we do want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re here. Our beautiful office has communal spaces for collaboration and conversation but solitary pods when you have to unplug from all that chatter. Fresh coffee beans are delivered almost daily, and our drinks fridge is always stocked. Chocolate’s a given.

We play together

Yep, we do karaoke. Some more than others. We do board game and movie nights too, and team lunches to celebrate birthdays. Then there’s the daily crossword and the odd game of tag. Just kidding, we don’t play tag in the office because that’s dangerous, and we’re big on health and safety.

Springload is based in the heart of Wellington – New Zealand’s capital, tech hub and centre of culture.

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