A hybrid meeting with six people sitting at a table and one person on screen.

Time: 2 hours

Cost: $175

Location: Remotely via Zoom.

Register your interest before Friday 15th April and get 10% off any workshop. 

Our workshops will take place between July-September 2022. Dates for sessions will be confirmed once we have an idea of how many people are interested in attending. 

Got a team that wants to come along? Groups of 4 or more get a 10% discount. 

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Who it’s for

If you run collaborative and brainstorming meetings with your team and you’re looking for new ways to run collaborative remote meetings, this workshop is for you. 

Maybe you're a product owner who's adapting to a new way of working with your team, or a project manager who's managing clients remotely.

Make your meetings as collaborative and effective as they would be in person with our facilitating workshop.

What you’ll learn

  • How to set up Miro for your organisation or clients
  • Fun activities for brainstorming, ideation, and problem-solving
  • Different types of collaborative workflows and processes you can use with Miro

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