Love where you work.

Work on things that matter with talented, motivated people.

Welcome to the whanau

We work with incredible people – not just our Springload team and our clients, but also our wider family – the ex-Springloaders who remain our ambassadors, our friends, and our community.

We’re here because we want to make our corner of the world a better place. We care about the planet, and we care about our people. We’re also passionate about creating digital experiences that are bloody extraordinary, and about pushing ourselves to do the best work we can.

We love working here, and we think you’ll love working with us too. Here are a few reasons why:

We’re diverse

We’re proud of the fact that we’re now 50% full of talented women! How many tech businesses can own that? Not many. Boom! Our team is from all over the world: we’ve got Russian developers, French front-enders, British managers, and a wonderful collection of all sorts from Scotland, Ireland, Philippines, and more. Diversity is more than inclusion. It’s fundamental to creating an environment where teams innovate and flourish.

We give back

We’re heavily involved in our local community. We run meet-ups on everything from Content Strategy, UX, and React to Wagtail and Ansible. We sponsor initiatives like Django Girls and Webstock too and we help out at things like the recent Winter Mentor. Our team believes in helping out to  make the web a better place.

We love it here

Yep, it sounds a bit cheesy, but we do love it here. Life’s too short to work somewhere you don’t like. Our office is spacious and beautiful, and we genuinely want to spend time with each other. We have an active team social calendar, often making time after work to go out for food, or grab a drink.  Sometimes we just hang around the office together and take advantage of all the in-office perks.

We take care of our people

Everyone is unique and needs to be cared for in different ways. We try to cater for everyone’s needs so we offer our team the opportunity to work from home, work remotely so they the flexible time they need to work around their families. We also gift extra leave to anyone working too hard for too long, and make sure everyone gets the opportunities they need to grow as practitioners and people through regular continuing professional development and performance reviews.

Other perks

Yep, as proud Wellingtonians we appreciate our coffee and our craft beer. We get fresh beans delivered almost daily from our faves at Flight Coffee, and we have Tuatara, Garage Project and our Friday riggers from Regional Wines in our beloved beer fridge.

We love our work, but we believe in balance. We’ve got Ping-Pong, Rock Band and foosball. Then there’s the weekly crossword, and the odd game of tag. Just kidding, we don’t play tag in the office because that’s just dangerous, and we’re big on health and safety.

Team 2016

Springload is based in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand.

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