Gifted wordsmith. Creative strategist. Ampersand slayer.

Aidan RasmussenWriter

Aidan Rasmussen

Before arriving at Springload, Aidan was a writer in the lucrative but lonely world of contracting/freelancing. He has a Master’s in Creative Writing from AUT and has put it to good use writing for CNBC Europe, NZ Listener, NZ Herald, Sunday Star Times, and several ministry websites. When he’s not working on his novel, he’s writing everything from long form native advertising to microcopy and covers subject matter as diverse as artificial intelligence and cow reproduction.

An avid traveller who is fast developing an annoying reputation for name-dropping where he's travelled, Aidan is happiest when he’s able to put his creative genius to work crafting clever content strategies for our clients, and delivering the copy on time, too.

Aidan is currently working on projects for LIC, Kiwibank, and Accuro.