A profile image of Cate PalmerCate looking at a toy

Cate has too many degrees. She’s got a BA in anthropology, English and philosophy. Following her (two) Masters in creative writing at the IIML and the Michener Center for Writers in Austin, Texas, she embarked on a new journey into the languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

After the full immersion bootcamp at Enspiral Dev Academy, Cate found her way to Springload. She enjoys figuring out languages and frameworks, and problem solving to fit all the pieces together. All the while crafting her code to be elegant and readable  – it’s the writer in her.

Cate’s into karaoke, and a self-admitted microphone hog – George Michael’s Careless Whisper her go-to tune. A fast and ruthless laserforce player, her laser barrage strategy sees many fall at her feet, friend or foe.