A profile image of ChewyChewy, a small golden haired dog, touching noses with her owner.

Meet Chewy, our Puplic Relations Officer. Ironically named after the giant ginger wookiee Chewbacca, what Chewy lacks in size she makes up for in personality. She’s a Griffon Chihuahua mix, but a cat at heart. And like most felines, she lives life on her own terms. Winning Chewy’s affection is no easy feat, but once you’re in as a friend, you’re there for life (just ask her favourite Springloaders Sofia and Chris).  

Shy and sassy, Chewy’s introverted self shines through her facial expressions. So even if you can’t get close to her, you know exactly what she’s thinking. PR is all about image, an area that Chewy and her mum Roxy excel in. Catch them twinning in double denim at the office or on our #samesamebutdifferent Slack channel. Chewy’s favourite way to recharge after work? Soaking up the rays, preferably at the beach (basking in a sunny window spot comes close second).