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Emilia’s a creative and compassionate front-end developer. She’s also an accessibility advocate, and is dedicated to breaking down the barriers she finds in systems. Born with profound unilateral hearing loss, Emilia hears mono instead of stereo, and this influences the way she works and motivates her to make a stand for matters she believes in. 

After graduating with a BA in Applied Arts, Emilia channeled her creativity into crafting code, working at Weta and Flick Electric before joining us. Using web technologies like JavaScript and React, Emilia builds beautiful, usable, digital experiences for our clients. She’s experienced in back-end, full-stack, and front-end development.

When she’s not building websites, Emilia’s logging tasks in her system of choice — a bullet journal. Pen and paper in hand, she uses this practical form of mindfulness to lessen her mental load, focus on the task at hand, and get things done.