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Emlyn has been building websites since he was 18. From the invention of the GIF to the current state of Javascript, he’s navigated the evolution of the internet and now uses his expertise to guide people and projects as one of our technical leads at Springload. 

After leaving high school, Emlyn did an introduction to design certificate in photography, then picked up a book on HTML. He now has 20+ years’ experience building front- and back-ends for web and interactive projects. Prior to Springload Emlyn was Technical Director at Resn, where he worked on projects for major international clients including Google, Netflix, Toyota, Sony, and Apple.

Emlyn’s passion for programming is at the core of his career, and when he’s not helping people get up to speed on projects, he’s diving into development work. Be it a virtual or physical space, Emlyn’s creative streak always shines through and in his spare time you’ll find him experimenting with microelectronics or swapping pixels for 3D printing.