Web architect. Ambitious learner. Secret shutterbug.

Janzen ZarzosoFull Stack Developer

Janzen Zarzoso

Despite his natural artistic leanings, Janzen started tinkering the web in his teens which led to a degree in Computer Science in the Philippines. His talent extends from photography and filmmaking to building beautiful, useful software. In fact, he’s so talented that he was chosen as a candidate for LookSee Wellington 2017, a programme that scouted top tech talents from around the globe. He was one of 100 people (chosen from 48,000 applications) and we’re thrilled to have nabbed him.

Janzen has a wide-range of software development experience and has worked in both hardware-focused companies and web-platform startups. He’s proficient in JavasScript, React, Redux, Node and Python. His sense of fulfillment comes giving users the best experience possible and creating digital experiences that people love to engage with.

Janzen is currently working fulltime on ACC.