A profile image of Juliet BrownJuliet ready to paint

Juliet is an artist who also happens to be a developer. Or is that a developer who’s also an artist? She might argue that they’re not mutually exclusive. Not only is Juliet well-versed in the ways of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and React, but she’s pushing the boundaries of these new creative technologies by fusing them with those of old – namely painting, drawing, animation, and collage.

Juliet was an honours graduate of the Elam School of Fine Arts before honing her coding craft at Enspiral Dev Academy. She’d never coded before going to EDA, but SilverStripe quickly snapped her up not long after she graduated. She worked as a front- and back-end developer for clients such as Westpac, BRANZ and ForsythBarr.

Juliet champions the art of coding, and is determined to bring her artistic sensibility to the digital realm. She was a presenter at Decompress 2018, speaking about her artistic journey at the intersection of art, culture and technology. When she’s taking a break from her creative pursuits, Juliet skis, watches scary movies, and enjoys a glass of red.