Creative developer. Expert design eye. Secret cross-fitter.

Katie DayFront-End Lead

Katie Day

Katie started out in print design before making the switch to digital – and hasn’t looked back. Before joining the Springload team she worked in Auckland as a combo UI designer and front-end developer. She also happens to be our resident animation expert.

Katie is passionate about creating delightful and intuitive digital experiences people love, which is pretty easy with her level of talent and intuition. Over the short time here she's been the main front-end developer for our overhaul of Gareth Morgan Investments' customer dashboard. She drove this by a REST API, built with React, client-side routing, split bundles, Flux architecture.

Katie has also been the Lead front-end developer on two recent Springload projects built with similar architectures to what we propose for ZCOL: API-driven React + Redux single-page apps using client-side routing.

Outside of Springload, Katie would like to be out in the sun enjoying Wellington, but instead is doing up her new Newtown house with her fiance.