Thoughtful designer. Curiosity collector. Sweetheart.

Lizy CretneyDesign Director

Lizy Cretney

Lizy is drawn to making complex tasks clean and engaging. She studied interactive design at the School of Design before moving overseas. Awarded an artist in residence position at the Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso, Italy, she became a consultant for Benetton. Yup, that Benetton. 

Lizy has extensive experience designing for their children’s game platform and social campaigns, as well as interactive art installations and museum exhibitions.

She has experience contributing to small and large scale projects for Italian and New Zealand clients such as Sisley, Colors Magazine, MeBank, Humanature, and Xero. Which is to say she's pretty good at working under deadlines, prioritising issues and managing concurrent assignments.

Apart from being an award winning designer, Lizy brings many other skills to table such as project management, web development, and extensive research abilities. And she's just so damn nice.