Problem solver. Programming whiz. Clock maker.

Lydie DanetFront-End Developer

Lydie Danet

Lydie is a front-end developer with a graduate diploma in web development from Paris. Before she turned her creative skills to the world of programming, she earned diplomas in clock making and woodworking, while teaching herself HTML and CSS on the side. Once she realised that she could be as creative with code, she started her career as a web developer. When she’s not building beautiful, useful websites, Lydie can be found making her own shoes. She even made her own keyboard.

Before working at Springload, Lydie worked as a Javascript developer at Happinov where she worked on team building apps. Her speciality is React/Redux, but one of her strengths is her ability to jump in new codebases and find her way around other people’s code, learning new tech as she goes. She’s happiest when she’s solving puzzles and getting complex projects to work.

Lydie is currently working on Inquisitive and KiwiWealth.