FED extraordinaire. Rap connoisseur. Tonic maker.

Matthew HollowayFront-end Director

Matthew Holloway

Matthew is an experienced front-end developer with a deep knowledge of how browsers work, and how to optimise websites for them. He has a particular interest in emerging web standards, and how subtle animation can enhance the usability of software.

His deep knowledge of JavaScript ES2015, React, and state-stores like Redux give him mad skills in benchmarking and optimising software for browsers and maintaining high frame rates for more coherent, engaging interfaces. He's a bit of snake charmer as well, in that he has a solid working knowledge of Python. 

Matthew has worked on projects ranging from secure software for the executive wing of government, improving publishing workflows, and developing educational apps. He also teaches classes on JavaScript and can explain technical concepts in plain language. 

And he makes the best "Family Holloway's Traditional Good Old Fashioned Honey, Lemon and Ginger Revitalising Tonic That'll Cure What Ails Ya". Patent pending.