Boy genius. Coding machine. Charming Scotsman.

Stuart WhiteheadTechnical Lead

Stuart Whitehead

Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn? Did you know that we're not even kidding?

That might explain why Stuart is a mythical hybrid of front and backend development. He forged his career under the watchful eyes of Scotland's best designers and creatives while studying Computer Science in Aberdeen. Not only does he know his kerning from leading, but Stuart was named Scottish Young Software Engineer of the Year. Yes, that's a thing and he totally won it while working part-time, studying part-time and with a long-term girlfriend to boot.

Stuart likes to adventure at work and outside of it. He’s lived in Berlin and explored much further—Canada, Peru and Ghana to name a few. If he's not on his mountain bike, he's relaxing with a beer in the roof house surrounded by his team who is always eager to hear his charming stories.