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Thales is a talented mobile developer who loves nothing more than creating native applications that intimately connect people to products. He’s the reason so many of us can’t put our phones down when we go to bed.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science and is skilled in React Native and Android SDK development. But that’s not all. Our guitar playing, softly-spoken developer, is also an experienced tester and debugger of back-end/front-end web apps. He can handle web technologies, such as CSS and Javascript, like a pro. 

If it weren’t for his itchy feet, Thales would have ended up in the dusty corridors of academia. He was seriously on a fast track to tenured professorship. But well and truly bitten by the travel bug, he loves nothing more than discovering new places and meeting new people. Oh, and busting some sweet dance moves. Thales used to be in a hip hop group in his hometown of Natal in northeastern Brazil.