A profile image of Wilson EspinaWilson in a white shirt wearing boxing gloves

Wilson is skilled in building enterprise-level, customer-facing web applications with a focus on technical coordination. He specialises in React with TypeScript applications and has a heavy focus on maintainability and building at scale through robust unit and integration testing with React Testing Library and Cypress.

Originally from the UK, he started his career in civil engineering and managed large infrastructure projects. After retraining as a developer, he worked for ITV building large-scale video on demand (VOD) applications. He led the development of React components for web and Connected TV applications, optimising GraphQL queries, implementing design system build files and providing guidance to junior developers. One particularly memorable project was developing accessible subtitles for television content, positively impacting millions of people’s TV experience.

A former breakdance teacher and rugby player, he’s now channelling his energy into exploring Wellington with his family, and getting into Thai boxing.