Brilliant designer. Deep thinker. Gym bunny.

Zak BrownDesigner

Zak Brown

From dirt bike enthusiast to Springload intern, Zac has made a profound mark on our humble agency. He joined our team at the ripe and rather pre-pubescent age of 15. Seven years later and we can't imagine life without him. He graduated with a Design Degree from Massey University and excels at it all, especially brand research and development, client service, making sure his design solutions meet both budget and scope expectations. He's always up for pushing his creative limits to "nek level", and infuses Springload with his energy and innovation. Here's hoping for another seven years with this guy.

Zac has a pretty terrible infection - but don't worry! It's just a travel bug which sees him off on intrepid journeys all over the globe such as America, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, England, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Turkey. 

Ok seriously, now he's just showing off.