Data & analytics

We measure what drives your business.

Through the collection, reporting, and analysis of your website’s data we identify measures based on your business goals to drive strategy and improve the user’s experience. We’ll develop a relevant and effective web analysis through creating objectives and calls-to-action, and identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their success.

Analytics audits

Through a 70-point checklist, we make sure that data you’re looking at is accurate and is full of the good stuff. A data health check is crucial to digital success.

Measurement plans

Your website is the hub of your marketing efforts. Measuring the performance of your efforts brings the world of data-driven marketing to your fingertips. We plan and establish processes to ensure nothing is missed in your analytics. Get a comprehensive measurement plan in place to protect and grow your business into the future.

Testing of macro and micro conversions

Understanding the role your marketing efforts play in sales is not as simple as looking at attribution modelling in Google Analytics. We custom develop frameworks with you to understand what drives your customers at each stage of their journey. We then design, implement and test your analytics to give actionable insight for every stage of the customer journey.

Reporting with actionable Insights

We report on what has the biggest impact on your business with insight into what to focus on to get and retain customers. We report - and guarantee - actionable insights on how you can improve your digital marketing. Get reporting as a one off or regularly.

Analytics training

Data is here to stay. Invest in the smart way of operating. Get 1-on-1 or team training in how to understand and draw insights from your data.

Conversion rate optimisation

Through diligently understanding your customers we research, test and implement changes to your website that are purely results driven.


Got data from multiple sources that you need to check in on? Want to remove the clutter and pull out true Key Performance indicators? We can configure dashboards from nearly all data sources. Being data driven means giving the right people access to your metrics. Start developing dashboards with your teams today with Springload.