UX & research

We begin with the customer’s perspective to help you reach your audience.

Customers expect fast and easy access to information on multiple devices and will quickly abandon brands, products or services that fail to meet their needs. We’ll help you anticipate customers’ needs, solve complex problems, and design for a full range of devices, screen sizes, and content formats. Employing a combination of user research, rapid prototyping, and design talent, we’ll help you offer the best digital experience and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

User research

We’ll help you build a better digital product by understanding their behaviors, needs, and motivations of your users. Through direct observations, interviews, surveys and analytics, we’ll get to the heart of your audience and create something that speaks to them directly.. It’s essentially the process of understanding what it’s like to be in your customers’ shoes: what are their goals? What problem do they want you to solve? We’ll start with thorough research of your target audiences and move on to personas, behavior mapping, and goal prioritisation.

Persona development

We know that great product design begins with a deep understanding of your target audience. We’ll create narrative based composites of your audience segments that will help us determine what you need to deliver to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Rapid prototyping

We’ll quickly mock up the future state of a website, app or product, and validate it with a broader team of users, stakeholders, developers and designers before embarking on a costly development project.

Journey mapping

Customer journey maps are visual interpretations that help identify key interactions your customers have with your business and provide a better understanding of their motivations and goals. We’ll create detailed journey maps that will help your business focus on long-term relationships with customers built on respect, consistency and trust.

User experience design

We take a hands-on approach to UXD, using research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results with the overall goal of improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between your customers and the products you offer.

User testing

We’re big believers in evaluating a product/service by testing it with users first. But we don’t just add this onto the end of a project. We test as we go right from the start, beyond simple usability, including message, brand, navigation and, layout.  By assessing the impact of what we’re designing on your target audience, we create a better digital experience that meets your customers’ needs