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Not all website features can be implemented with a CMS alone. This is one of the reasons we prefer working with Wagtail and Django. We can take a step back from Wagtail and develop bespoke features with the Django web framework directly.

The software architecture benefits from great documentation and an ecosystem of high-quality, secure components. Most importantly, it allows our developers to write integrations for third-party software packages and APIs. This is one of the primary use cases for mature systems like Django.

Loved by content editors

Wagtail offers a straightforward content-editing experience, and its architecture makes it easy to create new administration features or components tailored for your needs. It has a proven track record of delivery for high-volume web properties, with the likes of NASA, the British NHS, Pinterest, and National Geographic being made with Wagtail


Streamfield is Wagtail’s dynamic, freeform content editor. It enables you to structure pages as you see fit, leveraging components to build bespoke pages easily. You’re not bound by strict templates, but get to combine a set of elements in any order.

Wagtail Explorer

Wagtail Explorer arranges your content pages into a tree-like structure, making it easy to organise your content logically.


Wagtail uses Elastic for finding content within the admin interface. It provides quick and fluent access to pages, images and documents. Elastic is open source, gives great performance, and offers a straightforward integration with Wagtail.

Form builder

You can easily configure forms with a variety of field types, all from the same UI as the content. All form submissions are available in a separate section of the CMS, and can be optionally sent to an email address.

Permissions and roles

Users can be owners of specific sections or pages, as well as assigned different roles. They can be editors, moderators, or both. Pages can be secured with their own password or access restricted to certain user groups.

It’s open source, too

Both Django and Wagtail are open source, with an active global community supporting their development. There are no licensing or ongoing costs associated with using the technology, aside from regular maintenance to keep the platform up to date.

Springload contribute to and support a number of open-source projects – including Wagtail. We've been working with Wagtail since 2014, and have made significant contributions to the project ever since. We like it so much, we even built our own site with it.

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Aaron Haslett

Technical Consultant

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Aaron Haslett

Technical Consultant

Meet the Technology team

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