Address the Stress

We provided a content strategy & responsive website to provide postquake emotional support for Christchurch teens – on a level they could identify and engage with.

Addressing the stress

The New Zealand Red Cross has been working with youth organisations in Canterbury since the Christchurch earthquakes. We wanted to help them reach their target audience through the web, in a way that felt authentic. It began with four iPhones.

Strategy, with a personal touch

We bought four iPhones and hand crafted parcels to post out to celebrities all around the country, so they could record personal video messages with tips and advice for dealing with stress related to the earthquakes. It needed to be very simple for people to record their message and return the iPhone to us.

Some gnarly logistics

We made lots of phone calls and couriered the iPhones all over the show, collecting 54 great videos. The only mishap occurred when an iPhone got stolen on its way to BMX legend Sarah Walker!

Crowd-sourced content

These celebrity videos, along with additional expert advice and real stories of survival, formed the content of the new website. Our iPhones then became prizes for sharing personal tips and experiences, which were also added to the site – we gathered 1,670 tips.

Responsive design was a given

Given that the genesis of this site began with iPhones, it was a given that we would make the site responsive to work across devices. The more the merrier.

(Address The Stress was live for two years, following the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake.)