Setting Kiwibank apart from their competition with simple, useful and friendly user experiences.

We've worked with Kiwibank since 2008 as custodians of their user experience across all digital touchpoints from the public website to internet banking and mobile applications. Springload also help shape Kiwibank's roadmap by providing digital expertise into their service design programme.

The simplest, nicest mobile banking app in New Zealand the world

  • The app passed its one year success target in six weeks.
  • It’s the top-rated banking app in the New Zealand App Store.
  • 201 out of 301 App store reviews are 5 star (as at June 2014).
  • 1000’s of positive tweets and in-app feedback messages.

Kiwibank screenshots

Springload contributes strategy, design and front-end development, working alongside Kiwibank's in-house developer-boffins to improve the app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Service design innovation

It’s clear that digital channels have become an incredibly important part of customer service. Springload are helping Kiwibank make big leaps into the future by contributing our understanding of user behaviour and experience design expertise to their service design programme. Stay tuned.