We built a website for Klim Type Foundry that strips away everything except the type, and then makes trying and sharing it bloody amazing.

Make it the best. Then better.

Klim Type Foundry is one of the finest in the world. Klim came to Springload looking not to replicate other type sites, but to blow them out of the internet. The overriding mission: Make it the best. Then better.

Dynamic types

All the typefaces on Klim are editable in the browser, so you can line up your letters and try before you buy; to that end, we made sure the type looked amazeballs. The interface needed to be simple and distraction free. No fluff. Nothing but type. Colours? Any colour, so long as it’s black.

Attention designers – buy fonts here

The target audience consisted mostly of font-buying designers, so we kept that in mind 100% of the time. We wanted to increase the time people spent trying fonts, and to make it super easy for them to make a purchase.

Sharing the typographic love

Klim wanted to educate people about how to use type well. Anyone can mock up their own custom type specimens and share them with others. Typographic newbies never knew letters could be so intensely lovely.

Technical tidbits

Web fonts are dynamically loaded and obfuscated to hinder people downloading them. We’ve also set up extensive caching to handle spikes in traffic, and lazy loading of large assets.