New Zealand Red Cross

A responsive site for New Zealand Red Cross that increases donations, makes booking first aid super-easy and is robust in the event of a disaster.

Driving donations

Giving is an emotional decision. We allowed people to donate from any page that touched them, rather than from one main donation page. It seems simple but by providing default amounts for donations increased the average amount given by a whopping 90%.

Providing relevant examples of how the money could be used helped to link the donation with the campaign and in the process increased trust. We knew that people often want to donate after seeing events on the nightly news. Having donations work well on any screen size helped with that 'spur of the moment' activity.

Making course bookings simple

User research told us the vast majority of people booking first aid opt for one of a few key courses. They are also looking to attend in the near future but a bit flexible about exact date. Our new course finder uses smart defaults wherever possible to provide 90% of visitors with immediately useful info without having to request a lot of details.

When searching for courses with Google users also tend to attach a location keyword like “first aid course wellington”. We structured the results listings to be sympathetic to this with an immediate boost in rankings over our major rival.

Staying up in a disaster

In the event of a national or international emergency, the site needs to handle huge spikes in traffic without buckling. We make this happen by serving the site over a globally load balanced, fully redundant, content delivery network (CDN). The CDN takes the pressure off our servers and ensures stability in times of high load.

Additionally the site has the capability of switching into “emergency mode”. This ultralight stripped-back homepage ensures visitors have access to critical emergency info even when internet access gets patchy.