New Zealand Festival

We created a responsive website for New Zealand’s premier arts festival where the shows look amazing and they’re easy to discover and share.

Giving our love to the New Zealand Festival

With three weeks of spectacular world class shows, New Zealand Festival is the country's premier arts event. Every time the New Zealand Festival rolls around we like to do our bit: get people as excited as us about the shows, and allow them to browse and buy tickets easily.

Clever content categorisation

In previous years the way categorisation worked meant that people weren't necessarily exposed to all of the fantastic shows. We added a new ‘Spectacular' category so the festival team could simultaneously give more exposure to unusual shows and promote the big shows.

Finding gems amongst the other gems

We let the events take centre stage and speak for themselves. The immersive browsing experience hits you with big images, video, reviews, quotes, star ratings, and related/recommended shows.

For us at the New Zealand Festival, our whole Springload experience is summed up by a typo in a launch tweet: "The site is LOVE". We meant to say live, but we actually hit the nail on the head.

Kelly Dare

New Zealand Festival, Digital Coordinator

Helping people tailor the festival to their needs

We wanted to help people choose from the overwhelming awesomeness with clearer information. The search function is bold and brilliant. The addition of a custom shortlist allows the Festival team, local celebrities and users to curate and share collections of shows.

Faster than a speeding bullet

The site is heavily cached, which means even the most complex pages withstand traffic spikes and download quickly. Faster! Faster!

Responsive magic

We wanted to get the Festival everywhere, irrespective of device. We did some clever stuff with images, so users automatically retrieve the best image size and quality for the device they're using.

NZ Festival won Bronze at the 2014 Best Awards.